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The final section of the research paper, as a rule, is started when the central part of the work is custom essay writing , all the planned studies have been carried out and the goals have been achieved. After such a colossal work has been done, the student may experience some confusion due to the fact that he does not know what exactly to write in the conclusion and how to arrange this section. In this article we will try to explain in detail what constitutes a research paper, and what rules should be followed when writing it. You have to know how to end a research paper.

So, how to end a research paper?

In the final section of any scientific work summarize the study. It briefly describes the results, their compliance with the goals set, the author also draws his own conclusions, forecasts for studying the issue, expresses his opinion on the relevance of the problem, etc.

Since the size of the final part of the research paper is quite small compared to the other sections (it should not exceed 2-3 printed pages), before you begin to write it, you must clearly understand which conclusions should be marked there and in what sequence .

Conclusion of the research paper should begin with the theses given in the introduction. It goes without saying that copying text from the first pages and embedding it in conclusion would be a fatal mistake that could lead to your defense failing. However, you can take the idea as a basis, and correctly rephrase it. This will not be considered a mistake, because before drawing conclusions, it would be logical to remind the reader about what goals were set at the beginning of work, what methods were planned to be used and what studies to conduct. Therefore, retell in other words the basic idea of ​​the introduction and then proceed to the conclusions and results of the work done.

Conclusions in the final part

If you correctly formed the central part of your project, then each section and subsection already contains intermediate results of your research. Now you can use these findings in a slightly modified form to write a course report, where you summarize all the work.

The results of each of the subsections are united by a single logical thought, and by this means you will practically complete the writing of this section.