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How to start a research paper?

The title “introduction” indicates the role of this section for the research paper. It serves to bring the reader up to date, to form his first impression of work. Often teachers are limited to reading the introduction and conclusion, so these sections should be carefully worked out.

Elements of the introduction are the same for any scientific work – paper, degree or dissertation. Since the research paper is less ambitious, according to the decision of the department or the teacher accepting the work, some items of the course introduction plan can be excluded. You have to know how to start a research paper. We indicate what needs to be written in the introduction:

  1. Relevance of the topic. This item is required for all coursework. It usually takes up more space than any other part of the introduction.
  2. Purpose of the work.
  3. Tasks of work.
  4. The object of study.
  5. The subject of study.
  6. The scientific methods used in the work.
  7. Review of literary sources.
  8. The degree of elaboration of the problem, scientific novelty and practical significance in term papers are most often omitted, because this type of work is of a more academic nature. These sections are added for design research only. It is difficult to find a scientific novelty in the performance of engineering calculations for a manual or for applying to the enterprise a widely known method of economic analysis.

The above list is a standard set of what is written so you know how to start a research paper. The teacher can add specific items.

Tips, how to start a research paper

Despite the fact that the introduction is the first in the order element of the research paper, you can write it after the main part. This will simplify the formulation of many points – there will already be clarity with the work plan (the tasks will be formulated easily), with the methods used (it will be enough to list them), with the sources used (you can mention those that had the greatest impact on the text).

The query of how to make the introduction of lookup paper, has an unequivocal answer: the same as the lookup paper itself. If the most important phase is printed in 14 font with 1.5 spacing, the equal settings are applied in the introduction. The only nuance of the introduction of the research paper is whether it is quintessential to single out the key phrases of the structural factors (“relevance”, “object”, “subject”). Most frequently this is now not required, the introduction textual content is written in stable textual content with a single design.